A Finding Aid for African-American Research at the Oakland FHC
Prepared by Electra Kimble Price, AAGSNC [See Notes Last Page]
MicroCopy NumberFHL Computer NumberPage in BlackStudiesPage in GuideDescription
M175353638 1870-1906 State Dept Register Of Correspondence.
M1903979492225th Census, 1830.
M3203038592142nd Census, 1800.
M3303102992144th Census, 1820
M404673778185Domestic Letters 1784-1906, Dept. State
M874238599 Southern Claims Commission 1871-1886-
M8946734984187US Dept Navy 1841-1886. Letters Received by the Secretary of the Navy from Commanding Officers of Squadrons.
M993747688 Dept of State 1834-1906, Public Records. Notes to foreign legations.
Ml 583459309329Colorado Census Bureau, 1885
M16011876386185U.S. Dept of Interior- Suppression of African Slave Trade 1854-1872 (See U.S. Slavery & Bondage.
M17953538699US Dept of State 1789-1906. Misc. Ltrs.
M20511876083184Correspondence of the Secy of Navy relating to African Colonization 1819-1844
M20611868184184Commodore Matthew Perry, African Squadron. Letters, March 10, 1843
M2520304159214U.S. Census, 1810
M3523481619333Nebraska Schedule, 1885
M4075948493211890 Population Census, AL, DC, GA. Eleventh Census.


M43213635051841850 Census, Slave Schedules. Emancipation Papers, Manumission Papers, Washington DC
M4331363505184US District Court, Records Relating to Slaves. Emancipation, Manumission. (See Slavery and Bondage)
M4344673605184U.S. Circuit Court, Washington D.C. -Alleged Fugitive Slaves 1820-1863
M5201363254181Board of Commissioner for Emancipation of Slaves in District of Columbia, Petitions, awards, etc. 1862-1863
M5675353971373, 203Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series) 1822-1860.
M5890341821598Volunteer Union Soldiers, Colored Troops Alpha Index and Record Numbers
M59303132992241870, 9th Census
M5944375901698Military Units in Voluntary Union. Records and Pension Office. Service histories in alphabetical order by state or territory.
M6174677031877Adj. Gen. Return from U.S. Military Posts, 1800- 1916
M6 19 13 Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main series) 1861-1870
M63703118592201790 Census. First Census
M65303110192201860 Census, Slave and Free Schedules. Eighth Census
M66546742517 Regular Army, Infantry, June 1821 to Dec. 1916. Returns from Regular Army Regiments
M6665354331473Letter Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main series), 1871-1880
M689 1473, 203Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main series). 1881-1889


M70403087792236th Census, 1840
M74214793424180Freedman Bureau, Records, 1865-1872. Letters and notes.
M744*46742718 Regular Army, Cavalry. 1833-1916. Returns from Regular Army, Cavalry Regiments
M75214795725 Freedmen’s Bureau, Registers and Letters, 1865-1872
M79850053143181Freedmen’s Bureau Records, Georgia, Land Titles issued to freedmen. Letters, operations, murders, and outrages.
M79953546745181Freedmen’s Bureau, Supt. Of Education Georgia 1865-1870
M80353548926181Records of the Education Division of the Freemen’s Bureau 1865-187 1
M80950047729181Freedmen’s Bureau, Education, Misc. Claims Alabama, 1865-1870
M81053555732181Records of the Superintendent of Education for the State of Alabama, Freedmen’s Bureau 1865-1870
M81613668710180Freedmen’s Savings Deposit Registers, 1865-1874
M82150053373181Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Texas, Freedmen’s Bureau 1865-1869
M82253556275182Freedmen’s Bureau, Letters, Teachers’ Reports, School Records, Texas, 1865-1870
M82616534652181Freedmen’s Bureau, Mississippi, letters, orders, circulars, property restored, land and ration reports, labor contracts, orphans, marriages, court records, and military records. 1865-1869
M84350050655181Freedmen’s Bureau, North Carolina, letters, telegrams, rations, transportation, court cases, land and property, claims and work records. 1865-1870


M84453556659181Freedmen’s Bureau, Supt. Of Education, Letters, school reports, teachers, school populations. North Carolina. 1865-1870


3217869330Florida State Census, 1885


 9335Schedules of the New Mexico Territory Census of 1885


12833512184U.S. Colored Troops, Navy, Marine corps and Union Army.


46736761181Records of the Assistant commissioner for the State of South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau 1865-1870.


5116705 District Court, New York, Southern District. Admiralty Case Files, Violations of Customs, Non-payment of Seamen’s wages.


46736884174Blacks in Military and Naval Service, Civil War, Congressional Medal of Honor


4675356 Court Records. Pennsylvania

193, 194

Merchant Seamen. (By race and color)


51692933 Freedmen’s Bureau, Arkansas Records. Labor Contracts


 S Admiralty Cases, Pennsylvania


50053665181Freedmen’s Bureau, Tennessee Records, 1865-1869


53558468181Freedmen’s Bureau, Tennessee records, 1865-1870

Ml 002

39642685174Documents Relating to Blacks Nominated for Appointment to the U.S. Military Academy during the 19th Century. 1870-1887. (27 by name)


53561350181Freedmen’s Bureau, Louisiana Records, 1864-1869



50053446181Freedmen’s Bureau, Louisiana Records, 1865-1869. Plantation inspection reports.


46735976181Freedmen’s Bureau, Virginia Records, 1865-1869 Letters of destitute freedmen


46752880181Freedmen’s Bureau, Records of the Supt. of Education for the State of Virginia, 1865-1870


50046637181Records of Assistant Commissioner for the District of Columbia, Freedmen’s Bureau 1865-1872


51164741181Freedmen’s Bureau, Education, District of Columbia. 1865-187

Ml 165

51164482 Texas. 1856-1870. Dept. of Texas Military District.


43759489 Five Civilized Tribes
T91190192241880 Census
T14250053870 Freedmen’s Bureau, Tennessee Letters to Supt. Of Education, Ltrs to Gen. Oliver 0. Howard. Dept of Education, Chief Medical Officers, Outrages and Riots.
T623006623932712th Census, 1900
T624176588932713th Census, 1910


13158219 Career of Henry Ossian Flipper, first black graduate of the U.S. Military Academy.


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