Preliminary Inventory of Records of the Field Offices of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands (Record Group 105) - Tennessee
Prepared by Marvin Holmes, Genealogist

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Tennessee, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1869.  34 rolls. DP.

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
19Inspection ReportsSept. 6, 1865-Mar. 12, 18691616508

Records relating to the issue of supplies to freedmen

Reports of numbers of persons who were issued rations, clothing, and medicines are in two series: retained copies of monthly reports. June 1866-October 1868, sent by the Assistant Commissioner to General Howard: and reports received by the Assistant Commissioner from the sub-districts. 1865-Sept. 1868, from which the reports in the former series were complied. Each series is arranged chronologically.

Reports of freedmenís homes and institutions, Aug.-Oct. 1865, June-Oct. 1867, and June-Oct. 1868 are arranged chronologically. These weekly and tri-monthly reports document the issuance of rations at freedmenís homes. Refugeesí and freedmenís hospitals, and Orphanís asylums. These reports also contain information regarding the activities and general status of the institutions:

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
19Reports of Numbers of Persons Issued Rations, Clothing, and MedicinesNov. 1865-Oct. 18681616508
19Reports of Freedmenís HomesAug. 1865-Oct. 18681616508

Records relating to freedmenís labor

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
20Indentures of Apprenticeship Contracts: Dyer CountyDec. 1865-Feb. 1868
Jan. 1, 1865-Jan. 1, 1868
21Fayette-Hardeman Counties 1616510
22Hardeman-Madison Counties 1616511
23Robertson-Shelby Counties 1616512
24Shelby-Wilson Counties 1616513
25Arkansas County
Ark. - Bolivar County
26Registers of Abandoned Property:
Vol. 1 (29) 
Vol. 2 (30)
Vol. 3 (31)

Feb. 1861-May1868
Feb. 1861-May 1868
Feb. 1861-May 1868
26Descriptions of Abandoned Property and Its Former
Owners: Vol. 1 (32)
26Lists, Reports, and Correspondence Pertaining to Land and PropertyJan. 23, 1 864-Sept. 30, 18681616515
26Leases of Abandoned Property: Anderson-Blount CountiesSept. 1864-Feb. 18671616515
27Blount-Knox Counties 1616516
28Knox-Shelby Counties 1616517
29Shelby -Wilson Counties Applications for Restoration of Property A-BAug 1865-Jan 18681616518
Records relating to outrages

Entries in the register of outrages, Oct. 1865-July 1868, are unarranged. Reports of outrages, riots, and murders, Jan. 15, 1866-Aug. 12, 1868, are arranged chronologically. Many of these reports were submitted on a monthly basis from the field offices to the Assistant Commissioner.

Affidavits relating to outrages, March 1866-Aug. 1868, are arranged alphabetically by initial letter of surname of person submitting the affidavit. The affidavits consist of sworn eyewitness accounts of outrages, often given by the injured parties. Included in this series is a report with affidavits concerning the Memphis riot of May 1866:

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
34Register of Outrages:
Vol. 1 (28)
Oct. 1865-July 18681616523
34Reports of OutragesJan. 15, 1866-Aug. 121616523
34Riots, and Murders18681616523
34Affidavits Relating to OutragesMar. 1866-Aug. 18681616523
34Transportation ReportsJan. 1867-Nov. 18681616523
34Miscellaneous RecordsJune 1865-Oct. 18681616523

Miscellaneous Records

These records include correspondence, June 1865-Oct. 1868, concerning the requisitioning of supplies, petitions, and instructions to district officials relating to such matters as burials. In addition, there are reports relating to the Freedmanís Savings and Trust Co., reports relating to the conduct of agents and officers, and a report of buildings constructed by the Bureau.

Selected Records of the Tennessee Field Office of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1872. T142. 73 rolls.

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
22Letters Sent by the District Offices of Murfreesboro, Nashville, Paris, Purdy, Bolivar, Pulaski, Springfield, and Trenton, (vols. 186, 188, 195, 199, 202, 205, 207, 211)Feb. 19, 1867-June 14, 18691616900
24Complaint Books of  the Freedmenís Court in the Memphis District. (vols. 169-172)July 24, 1865-Nov. 20, 18661616902
39Reports and affidavits relating to outrages, murders, and riots; oaths of office; and letters relating to appointments received by the Assistant Commissioner1866-681616916
 Reports relating to outrages and riots1866-18681616917
 Affidavits relating to outrages1866-1868 
 Oaths of office1867 
 Letters of appointment1867 
 Letters revoking appointments1867 
42Lists of and letters relating to seized lands and properties; orders issued by the Army and the Bureau that relate to Tennessee; reports relating to refugees and to freedmenís homes and hospitals received by the Assistant Commissioner.1864-18691616920
 Lists of seized lands and properties.1864-67 
 Letters relating to seized lands and properties.1866-67 
 Letters relating to seized lands and properties.1866-67 
 Orders relating to Tennessee, issued by the Army and by the Bureau.1865-691616920
 Reports relating to refugees and to freedmenís homes and hospitals1865-681616920
 Miscellaneous receipts, reports, and circulars.1866-70 
61Miscellaneous reports, oaths of allegiance, and property returns received by the Superintendent of the Nashville sub-district.1865-681616939
 Miscellaneous reports1866-68 
 Oaths of Allegiance1865 
 Clothing ration and property returns1865-68 
 Leases for abandoned property received by the Office of the Assistant Commissioner:1865-681616940
 Anderson-Davidson Counties1865-66 
63Davidson-Rutherford Counties1865-661616941
64Shelby-Wilson Counties1865-661616942
65Indentures of apprentices received by the Office of the Assistant Commissioner1865-661616943
Contracts - Jan. 1865-Aug. 1867

Arranged alphabetically by county and thereunder chronologically. There are contracts for the counties of Dyer, Fayette, Gibson, Hamilton, Hardeman, Haywood, Hempstead, Madison, Robertson, Shelby, Tipton, and Wilson. Copies of some of these contracts and additional contracts for Dyer County may be found under Dyersburg, and for Gibson County under Trenton. Registers of the contracts for Hardeman County may be found under Bolivar for
Wilson County under Lebanon. Contracts for other counties are under Charlotte for Dickson County. under Winchester for Franklin County, and under Wayne County for Wayne County. Additional registers of contracts may be found under Springfield for Cheatham County, under Pulaski for Giles County, and under Decaturville for Decatur County:

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
66Labor contracts received by the Office of the Assistant Commissioner Dyer-Hamilton Counties1865-671616944

Dyersburg, Tenn.

Labor Contracts for Dyer County. Dec. 1865-May 1866. 2 vols. (Nos. 102 and 103). Arranged somewhat chronologically. Volume 103 also contains amnesty oaths, August to November 1865, for Dyer County.

Trenton, Tenn.

Contracts for Gibson County. Dec. 1865-Mar. 1867. 4 vols. (Nos. 213-216). Unarranged. Volume 213 also contains a register of marriages, October 1 865-April 1866:

RollDescriptionDatesFilm No.
67Hardeman CountyJan. 1, 1865-Jan. 6, 18661616945
68Hardeman CountyJan. 8, 1866-Apr. 13, 18671616946
69Hardeman County1865-671616947
 Haywood-Madison Counties1865-67 
70Robertson-Shelby Counties1865-671616948
71Shelby County1865-671616949
72Shelby-Wilson Counties and States other than Tennessee1865-671616950
73Registries of plantations received by the Office of the Assistant Commissioner.
Nos. 1201-2197, 4700-4936

Freedmanís Savings and Trust Company

Memphis, Tennessee accounts1 - 62981865-18740928590
Nashville, Tennessee accounts4174-61891871-1874 

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