Fort Bayard National Cemetery
Buffalo Soldiers from the 9th and 10th Cavalry and other Units  were buried here from the 1870's to the 1930's. These records do not represent the complete list of burials.  Cemetery records of Fort Bayard National Cemetery in Fort Bayard, Grant County, New Mexico are now online.
Alexander, J.H.Serg'tH10th US Cav
Bailey, Chas. D.I10th US Cav
Baldwin, B.B.L25th US Inf
Ballentine, CyrusD25th US Inf
Bardison, Geo.D10th US Cav
Bartlett, SquireH9th US Cav
Bettis, JamesCorpl.C9th US Cav
Boyd, HamptonA24th US Inf
Boyd, T. W.F24th US Inf
Boyer, G. W.D24th US Inf
Brown, GreedE24th US Inf
Bunch, Thos.H10th US Cav
Butler, HiramCorp'lC24th US Inf
Carroll, R. T.A9th US Cav
Carter, FrankF25th US Inf
Chase, LeviCorp'lL9th US Cav
Clark, CorneliusCorplE9th US Cav
Clay, Matthew G.M9th US Cav
Clements, Chas. F.H24th US Inf
Cunningham, Geo.H10th US Cav
Dawson, John W.I24th US Inf
Derchilo, Jos.C9th US Cav
Derrick, Sam'lSgt.C24th US Inf
Drake, LutherB9th US Cav
Edwards, Jno.H24th US Inf
Ellis, Rob'tE24th US Inf
Evans, ElijahF10th US Cav
Finny, WillM10th US Cav
Forman, And'wCorp'lD24th US Inf
Foster, Leon D.A9th US Cav
Fowler, Arthur25th US Inf
Frazier, LewisSergt.D10th US Cav
Freeman, JohnsonBand25th US Inf
Frisby, J.T.G24th US Inf
Gant, JohnH24th US Inf
Gaskins, W.E.D9th US Cav
Grant, Geo.L10th US Cav
Gray, GilbertCas.Det.9th US Cav
Gray, RobertCorp'lBand25th US Inf
Grear, Chas. O.H24th US Inf
Green, Geo.H25th US Inf
Gress, J.G.Cas.Det.24th US Inf
Grice, PerryCas.Det.10th US Cav
Griffin, Geo.H25th US Inf
Groom, M.B.D24th US Inf
Gwen, John C.L9th US Cav
Hampton, G. W.Band25th US Inf
Harrison, JuliusH24th US Inf
Harrison, RichardSerg'tM9th US Cav
Hawkins, W.H.L24th US Inf
Henry, O.D.L24th US Inf
Hood, JohnSergtE9th US Cav
Huddleston, WilliamB24th US Inf
Johnson, Chas.B24th US Inf
Johnson, E.C9th US Cav
Johnson, Jno.L9th US Cav
Johnson, Thos.D24th US Inf
Jones, EdmundE25th US Inf
Jones, Wm.F25th US Inf
Kelly Jr., Jos.K24th US Inf
Lankford, HenryE25th US Inf
Lawrence, J.O.E24th US Inf
Leonard, Thos.F24th US Inf
LeRuck, SamCas.Det.10th US Cav
Long, Gid.L10th US Cav
Mack, Wm.L24th US Inf
Major, AlfredI9th US Cav
Martin, JnoC9th US Cav
Marts, HarryF10th US Cav
Mason, Chas.F25th US Inf
Mason, HenryA24th US Inf
Mathigly, HenrySgt.C9th US Cav
McCalley, WileyA25th US Inf
McKinley, GayE25th US Inf
Meehan, G.H.M25th US Inf
Miles, JamesF25th US Inf
Miller, Syl'rI25th US Inf
Moore, A.L.M10th US Cav
Murman, CharleyK10th US Cav
Nicherson, FloydF25th US Inf
Norris, JeffersonM24th US Inf
Raines, H.R.Cas.Det.10th US Cav
Reed, Chas.Sergt.L24th US Inf
Reed, Chas.C24th US Inf
Rhodes, RayB24th US Inf
Robinson, Jas.Cas.Det.9th US Cav
Robinson, SolomanCorpl.F9th US Cav
Ross, LeonM9th US Cav
Ross, Wm. H.H10th US Cav
Russel, Sol.B25th US Inf
Schwab, Chas.Chf. Mus24th US Inf
Shaw, PerryD10th US Cav
Smith, G. W.Lieut9th US Cav
Swan, Edw'dG9th US Cav
Taylor, Jno.A25th US Inf
Thomas, Chas.D24th US Inf
Thompson, Rob'tA24th US Inf
Underwood, C.B24th US Inf
Underwood, E.M.B24th US Inf
Vanleer, Percy L.E24th US Inf
Washington, ErnestA10th US Cav
Washington, Jno.C25th US Inf
Westley, L.Cas.Det.10th US Cav
White, IssacSergt.F25th US Inf
Wicsny, And' W.C10th US Cav
Williams, JonasTrumpterE9th US Cav
Wilson, Geo.D25th US Inf
Woodward, MajorL9th US Cav
Worrell, Wm.SaddlerF9th US Cav
Wright, Jas.Sgt.M9th US Cav
Wright, ThomasB9th US Cav
Young, DouglasSergt.M9th US Cav

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